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Thank you for becoming a member of FidoTracker.   You have become a vital team member in our missiong to safeguard the community and pups from around the region.


This final step in your signup process will provide you information on how you can use our features.

Drone Pilot

When your membership activates in 72 hours, you will have access to professional drone pilots who operate military like technology to help find pets.

To request a drone pilot you simply dial 937-661-DOGS and our helpful call center reps will verify your membership and dispatch a drone pilot to your location within our service area.

Our Community

You now have access to fellow FidoTracker members within our forums.

There you can share information about your loving pet, chat about regional pet resources, or even gain access to others who have lost pets.

This type of community is beneficial to all aspects of being a pet owner.

Fido Pet  Profiles

Be sure to update your Fido Pet Profile by clicking the picture below.

You can also update your FidoFriends - These are people you have approved to pickup your pet if you can't be reached.   They also serve as an emergency contact if we can't reach you.

Cost Savings

FidoTracker works hard to save you money!

By using your membership at select pet related businesses, you can save some extra dough!

Volunteer 4 FidoTracker

We are always interested in leveraging talent from our members!

You can help us by searching out deals with vendors, answering our inbound calls,  dispatching drone pilots, or serving on committees that help us expand our services.

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