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Our PIlots

More than you may think...

Many folks may not realize that drones are legally considered aircraft by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).   The pilots are legally responsible for the safe operation of the aicraft and the protection of our national airspace safety.


Below are some things about our pilots and their skills that people may not be aware of.

Federal Testing

Pilots must pass testing at an authorized facility or airport approved by the FAA.

Testing to become a commercial unmanned pilot includes topics such as: aircraft operations, national airspace safety, aviation map reading, weather considerations, etc.


Continuing Education

Pilots must successfully pass a continuing education test every two years in order for their license to be considered active.

ThermaL IMaging

Pilots must retrain their eyes to see the world differently than what we are used to.

They must be able to successfully view and make determinations of heat targets and tell the difference between a dog and many different types of animals in the wild.

Field Dangers

PIlots must be familiar with a wide range of constructions techniques and other fields dangers.


  • Cell antenna guide wires

  • Electrical lines / High tension

  • Parachutist zones

  • Glider zones

  • Nearby airports and heliports

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