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How Fido Tracker Works

Step 1 - Membership

Dog owners sign up for an annual membership.

This gives them access to FidoTracker services and ammenities.

Step 2 - Call when u Need uS

Once a member, you simply call 937-661-DOGS when you need a drone pilot to help you find your lost dog.

Why pay a typical commercial rate of 300 dollars to a drone pilot you may not know - When you can leverage membership based services from a trusted nonprofit organization with extensive drone experience?

Step 3 - Licensed PiloT seaRches

Normally arriving within 60 minutes, your FidoPilot is ready to serve their fellow member with safe and insured operations.

They use their military like thermal imaging technology to search for your missing loved one.

Step 4 - Map pin sent 2 phone

When the pilot finds a dog, they send your cellphone a map pin.   Allowing your phones navigation tools to lead you straight to your lost doggie.

NOTE:  Some limitations regarding flights apply - See our limitations section to learn more.

Member PerKs

In addition to our members having access to licensed drone pilots, you also get the benefit of the following:

  • Chat about pets online with other members

  • Attend puppy play dates for members

  • Grief support from your fellow FidoMemberS

  • Discounts from regional businesses

  • Future Feature - Members can watch drone rescues live!

At FidoTracker, you are nOt just a member... you are joining a family of pet lovers who support one another and receive amazing perks.

Let's get a membership today!

The following links will walk you through how to get your membership today.

We have broken them down into sections for those who want to learn more.

1 - Shut up and sign me up now! (the direct approach)

2 - See some of our past searches.

3 - See the legal structure of FidoTracker.

4 - See our supporters and sponsors.

5 - See our coverage area and check your address.

6 - Become a volunteer for FidOTracker and save doggie lives!

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