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Human Life VS Animal Life

While some pet enthusiasts may favor the unconditional love of a dog over that of a human, it's important to note that FidoTracker pilots are committed to prioritizing human life.

Several of our pilots actively contribute to public safety organizations, alongside assisting pet owners, especially during non-human life emergencies. In such cases, if a 911-related call takes precedence, our team will make every effort to promptly find a replacement pilot

Major Disasters & Emergencies

During major disasters and emergencies, the high volume of flights concerning both human life and pets may occasionally overwhelm our resources.

Such situations may lead to delays that our members are not accustomed to experiencing. If this occurs, please rest assured that you and your cherished furry companion remain of utmost importance to us. We are dedicated to providing you with the best member services possible, and we appreciate your understanding during challenging times.

Airspace and da Feds

Our drones hold the official designation of aircraft according to the FAA, and our pilots are licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

To ensure legal compliance and prioritize safety, we must carefully consider various legal and safety factors before conducting flights. Unfortunately, some of these considerations may hinder our ability to fly in the search for your lost dog. 

While instances of being unable to fly are infrequent, they do occur from time to time. In such cases, rest assured that we will promptly dispatch to your location as soon as flying becomes both legal and safe.

Illegal VS Legal Flights

Unfortunately, there are drone pilots who disregard the safety of our national airspace and the potential legal consequences.

If we inform you that we cannot fly in a specific area, and you encounter another pilot claiming otherwise, be cautious. They may be preparing to conduct an illegal flight that poses a risk to all aircraft in the sky.

Rest assured, our commitment is to operate exclusively where we can legally fly, adhering to the national airspace safety initiatives outlined by the FAA. Your safety and compliance with regulations are our top priorities.

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