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WCPO TV Showcases


Evendale, Ohio

FidoTracker pilots from Clinton and Highland County Ohio visited the WCPO team at the Evendale Recreation Center to do some coverage of amazing pet finding drones. While many questionable pet rescue organizations are advertising on social media, FidoTracker is a division of an official 501c3 fire/search/rescue group.

Authorized to provide emergency services under state law and also recognized by FEMA as a disaster response organization... FidoTracker (a division of AFRS.US) has gone a long way to establish public trust.

When it comes to finding your lost loved one - It's important to trust an organization that is properly trained on search/rescue techniques, and holds the appropriate licensing and insurance to operate safely within the national airspace.

If you would like to become a pilot for FidoTracker or start a FidoTracker service in your community or state - Please reach out to us at

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