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FidoTracker Explores Collaboration with PetcoLove to Leverage Canine Recognition Technology


Wilmington, OH

In a strategic move to enhance lost dog identification through technology, FidoTracker engaged in discussions with regional animal welfare workers. Initial plans involved developing doggie recognition software similar to that used on humans and known as facial recognition software, but a groundbreaking discovery led to an exciting turn of events.

Upon uncovering PetcoLove's advanced system, which aligns closely with FidoTracker's vision, the organization decided against reinventing the wheel for its members. Instead, FidoTracker has scheduled a meeting with the Petco team to explore potential collaboration efforts that could revolutionize the way FidoTracker members reunite with their lost canine companions using cutting-edge doggie recognition technology.

Given that FidoTracker already empowers members to upload pictures of their pets and designate FidoFriends authorized to retrieve their dogs in the owner's absence, the FidoTeam is eager to discuss opportunities for synergy with the Petco team.

This collaboration not only signifies a significant step forward for FidoTracker but also showcases the organization's commitment to leveraging the skills and wisdom of industry leaders like PetcoLove.

By joining FidoTracker, members not only benefit from the existing suite of features but also become part of a dynamic community that continuously explores innovative solutions to keep their furry loved ones safe.

FidoTracker invites the public and media to stay tuned for further updates on this exciting collaboration.

About FidoTracker:

FidoTracker is a membership-driven organization committed to safeguarding furry loved ones through innovative technology and community collaboration. With a mission to redefine pet safety and thermal drone recovery services, FidoTracker offers a comprehensive suite of features, and its members actively contribute to the organization's dynamic initiatives.


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