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State of Ohio - Trademark


Wilmington, OH

FidoTracker proudly announces the official trademark registration of our name by the state of Ohio, solidifying our commitment to revolutionizing pet recovery services.

This milestone empowers us to operate as a membership-based club, fostering a community of dog owners united in support and equipped with unparalleled services. Our membership perks include 24/7 access to licensed drone pilots employing cutting-edge military-like technology, providing enhanced search services for lost dogs.

With skilled drone pilots adept at locating missing pets, our members can rest assured that their furry companions are in capable hands. Additionally, our online community offers a platform for members to connect through forums and chat rooms, creating a network of support and shared experiences.

As a token of our appreciation, members will enjoy exclusive discounts from regional retailers, enhancing the overall value of their FidoTracker experience. Priced at less than $10 a month, our membership is a cost-effective alternative to commercial pet recovery drone services.

FidoTracker operates under the official dba/tradename of, a 501c3 rescue organization, further underscoring our dedication to the welfare of animals.

Welcome to, where a stronger community leads to safer reunions.

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