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National Airspace Safety


Wilmington, OH

FidoTracker is thrilled to share an update: the seamless integration of regional military training areas into our membership preregistration process mapping system is complete.

Many may not be aware that our region is home to two vital military training areas. These special use airspace designations serve as training grounds for the dedicated men and women who tirelessly prepare to defend our great country.

Covering a substantial area of Highland and Adams counties, these military training zones add a layer of complexity to drone operations. Properly planning and safeguarding our national airspace becomes an intriguing challenge in these regions.

Our latest integration empowers potential FidoTracker members to input their address and receive instant notifications regarding their proximity to a military operations area. This information is crucial, as it highlights instances where drone flights, be it for recreation, commercial endeavors, or public safety missions, may face restrictions.

This newfound transparency allows FidoTracker to be proactive with our members, ensuring they are well-informed before proposing a plan. By preventing any blindsides, we ensure our members can make well-informed decisions, especially when military training activities might be underway for extended periods.

Beyond transparency for our members, this integration significantly contributes to the safety and security of our national airspace. Understanding and respecting the limitations imposed by military operations areas is key to responsible drone use.

It's worth noting that in the vast airspace, you might come across other drone operators navigating where they shouldn't be. At FidoTracker, we take pride in our commitment to following all relevant laws and regulations. Our dedication to legal compliance is not just about adherence; it's about enhancing the safety and security of everyone sharing the airspace.

This integration is a testament to FidoTracker's unwavering commitment to transparency, safety, and responsible drone use. We believe that by keeping our members informed and educated, we contribute to a harmonious coexistence in the airspace we all share.


FidoTracker is a division of a 501c3 nonprofit group, dedicated to improving public safety and public welfare matters with public safety grade robotic equipment. Your tax deductible contributions help keep our services alive.

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