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Wilmington, OH

The FidoTtacker team is proud to announce a new feature for our members.

We have integrated live FAA weather data from approved airports into our home page and page headers.

If the weather has degraded to the point of impacting legal flights and national airspace safety... Our website will now show a nifty icon and FAA Flight Restriction announcement on our page.

This dynamic logic instantly allows our members to see if their drone pilots are grounded.

In the coming months, we will explore integrating this feature into our phone system as well.

FidoTracker values the safety of our nations airspace and is thankful we can integrate features such as this for our members.


FidoTracker is a 501c3, operating under the umbrella of AFRS.US.

Tax deductible donations to support our organization can be made under our support section.

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