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Frequently Asked Questions

What experience do you have?

While the FidoTracker website is fresh, we operate under the umbrella of AFRS.US, a seasoned organization established in July 2021.

Our leadership boasts a robust background in drone operations, aerospace, fire/search/rescue, and holds certifications from Homeland Security in drone operations and counter-drone terrorism.

For over a year, we've been actively engaged in pet rescue as part of our public outreach initiatives, achieving remarkable success stories. In just 20 minutes, we located Buddy, missing for about 10 days, and in a mere 4 minutes, we reunited a lost dog in Lebanon that had been missing for 24 hours.   We have had many other searches and rescues.

At FidoTracker, our passion for leveraging drone technology to aid in pet rescue is driven by a proven track record and a commitment to making a positive impact.

Are you insured?

YES... FidoTracker proudly stands as a division of AFRS.US, committed to ensuring safety and excellence in all operations. AFRS carries standard fire department insurance, and our drones are meticulously covered with individualized insurance through unique serial numbers.

Every pilot at FidoTracker is not only FAA licensed but also holds explicit authorization from AFRS. This dual certification empowers our team to perform fire/search/rescue operations seamlessly and extend assistance in animal/public welfare matters.

When you choose FidoTracker, you're choosing a service that prioritizes safety, backed by a comprehensive insurance framework and a team of certified professionals dedicated to making a positive impact.

How expensive are your drones?

At the forefront of FidoTracker's capabilities is our fleet of battle-tested public safety grade drones, each valued at approx $18,500 with all onboard sensors and accessories.

These aerial assets are crafted for unwavering performance in harsh conditions – be it freezing temps, rain, snow, or high winds. Armed with military like sensors, our drones are designed to operate in both day/night conditions to detect thermal heat signatures.

Safety is our stronghold. Our drones boast manned aircraft detection, emergency landing protocols, and dual sensors that help mitigate risk associated with unmanned aircraft operations.  Our fleet, akin to a strategic military squadron, stands ready to deploy the most fitting drone for each unique situation, all equipped with crucial thermal imaging technology.

What if my dog gets lost outside your coverage area?

During membership signup, members must validate their street address to confirm they are in our coverage area.

If you are traveling outside of our coverage area, we can NOT provide you a drone pilot at this time.  We are actively working to team up with other drone pilots across Ohio and beyond so we can get you a pilot wherever you may be.   But we are not there yet.

To recap - You dog must be lost within our coverage area.

How many times will you come out with a drone?

At FidoTracker, each member enjoys up to 2 drone pilot responses with their annual membership period (a 600 dollar value).   This is very similar to an autoclub membership where members receive a set number of tow truck calls per year.

When we respond, you have the flexibility to utilize up to 2 hours of flight time per call, or combine both calls for an extended 4-hour search. If we successfully locate your dog in a swift 20 minutes, it still counts as one drone call of 2 hours, leaving you with one more call and an additional 2 hours available.

For those who exhaust their allotted calls in a year, worry not! We remain committed to our members and will respond at a reduced hourly rate, ensuring substantial discounts compared to commercial drone pet rescue organizations that typically charge $300 per response. Even if you exceed your yearly calls, our hourly rate remains budget-friendly, providing a cost-effective solution beyond the standard membership benefits.

What happens when FidoTracker spots my dog from the drone?

At FidoTracker, our pilot employs an innovative method to pinpoint your furry friend's exact location. Using an invisible laser, your dog is discreetly marked, allowing us to gather precise coordinates of its position on Earth.

Next, we convert this data into a map pin, sending it directly to your phone via text. When you click on the link, your phone's default mapping software loads, guiding you and your ground team straight to your missing dog – typically within 3 to 6 feet accuracy.

It's crucial to note that even dogs familiar to you may enter survival mode after being missing for about 24 hours, potentially leading them to run away. We strongly advise a cautious approach. Dog owners are recommended to slowly approach the pinned area, enticing their furry friend with familiar or tasty scented foods or items. Allowing the dog to come to you is often more effective than approaching directly.

For those who are not track stars, we highly recommend this gentle approach. Many owners inadvertently startle their dogs, causing them to flee. Choose the FidoTracker method to ensure a smooth and stress-free reunion with your beloved pet.

NOTE:  Some limitations regarding flights apply - See our limitations section to learn more.

Let's get a membership today!

The following links will walk you through how to get your membership today.

We have broken them down into sections for those who want to learn more.

1 - Shut up and sign me up now! (the direct approach)

2 - See some of our past searches.

3 - See the legal structure of FidoTracker.

4 - See our supporters and sponsors.

5 - See our coverage area and check your address.

6 - Become a volunteer for FidOTracker and save doggie lives!

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