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What Is FidOTracker?

At FidoTracker, we've got your back, or rather, your furry friend's! Picture this: 24/7 access to certified drone pilots armed with state-of-the-art thermal imaging, all ready to reunite you with your missing dog in the blink of an eye.

Why break the bank with unfamiliar organizations for pet recovery when FidoTracker offers nearly $600 worth of drone services for just $8.00 a month? As an official nonprofit, we take pride in our licensed and insured drone pilots, dedicated to assisting you in finding your missing loved one.

Join us on this extraordinary journey where we redefine pet protection and recovery. FidoTracker isn't just a service; it's a vibrant community of dog owners, united in the mission of providing their Fido with an extra level of protection.

Missing Dogs - Thermal Drone Searches

Missing Dogs - Thermal Drone Searches
Dog found in 4 minutes with thermal imaging drone
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Missing dog found with thermal drone - From find to safety was 23 minutes!
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Dog missing 10 days - Found in 20 minutes with thermal imaging drone
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Missing dog found with thermal drone - 2 miles from home and on the move.
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How it works

AutoClub 4 Dogs!

We've all heard of the three-letter auto club that comes to the rescue when your car faces trouble. At FidoTracker, we've taken that same dedication and applied it to safeguarding your cherished four-legged family members. 

As a proud member of FidoTracker, you gain exclusive access to a squad of highly skilled drone pilots who operate thermal capable drones costing nearly $18,000 each, along with a suite of premium amenities crafted specifically for our valued members.

In addition to being able to summon a drone pilot, our members gain access to other amenities with their membership.  These include:

  • Private access to online forums

  • Exclusive retail discounts just for our members

  • Meet ups and play dates

  • Online grief communities

Elevate your pet protection with FidoTracker – because when it comes to your furry friends, exceptional care is non-negotiable. Join us in the mission to redefine pet safety and recovery services, setting new standards for peace of mind.

The Fido Tracker Community

When you join the FidoTracker family, your membership goes beyond safeguarding your furry friend; you're actively contributing to the well-being of the entire pet-loving community in our region!

Through our innovative, community-driven services, each member's contribution adds up to a wealth of benefits for all. This collective commitment empowers us to bring cutting-edge technology to our members without breaking the bank.

But wait, there's more excitement in store!

Beyond aiding our members, your membership dues also play a pivotal role in supporting our drone pilots as they collaborate with regional public safety organizations to locate lost and injured humans.

We're not just a service; we're a non-profit group, officially registered with the Ohio Charity Board and the IRS. Rest assured, we're the real deal, genuinely dedicated to making a positive impact in our community

Let's get a membership today!

The following links will walk you through how to get your membership today.

We have broken them down into sections for those who want to learn more.

1 - Shut up and sign me up now! (the direct approach)

2 - See some of our past dog searches

3 - See the legal structure of FidoTracker

4 - Become a supporter or visit our online store to help further our mission

5 - See our coverage area and check your address

6 - Become a volunteer for FidOTracker and help our team save doggie lives!

Some of our supporters...

Want to showcase your business logo for as little as $50 a month?   Learn more here.

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